News video of Mr.Matsumura 松村さん出演スーパーJチャンネル動画

This is from Hachiko Coalition

This is a news video about life in the exclusion zone. It was shown on Japanese TV on "Super J Channel". We're happy to be able to post the English translation courtesy of Mr. Matsumura's Facebook page.



Momoko-Hime's Blog 動物救援隊 外交官 ももこひめ

Momoko-Hime's Blog 動物救援隊 外交官 ももこひめ

Momoko-Hime's Blog 動物救援隊 外交官 ももこひめ

Momoko-Hime's Blog 動物救援隊 外交官 ももこひめ



English translation courtesy of YK - 4/27/12 Broadcast of News Program “Super J Channel”

Announcer:Tomioka-Machi is a town approximately 10 km away from the Fukushima #1 Nuclear Power Plant.Inside this area where entry is still prohibited, there is a man who continues to care for the cattle.What is the harsh reality of the exclusion zone ?

(Reporter )(Matsumura)(Reporter)(M)

Narrator:This is an area 20km away from the Fukushima #1 Nuclear Power Plant.From here on, entry is restricted to this area …. however ….(caption: a man is seen entering the exclusion zone)a man enters the area as is it is nothing.

We heard that he has been active in entering the zone for over a year now.What in the world is he doing ?00:48 (A woman’s voice: I’m sorry – it’s all human’s fault)

00:51 There are cattle corpse all over the town.00:55 Inside the barn, you can see horrible remains.00:57 (M) They all died by suffering.

01:01 Tomioka Town, located approximately 10km from the Fukushima #1 NuclearPower Plant --- the camera has witnessed a cruel reality.

01:09 Last week, the residents of Tomioka Town were allowed to temporarily return home.Tomioka Town is located approximately 10km from the Fukushima #1 Nuclear Power Plant.Even now, entry is strictly prohibited in this area.01:34 Suddenly, the Geiger counter started beeping inside the car.This is a Ohkuma Town, a town next to Tomioka Town.It is only 4km away from the Fukushima #1 Nuclear Power Plant.

01:46 (Ladies in the car) “That’s #1, and then #2, #3, and #4.”01:55 “It’s going up, it’s going up.”

02:01 The Geiger counter inside the car will not stop beeping.02:06 It showed a level of 19µSv each time.It is 400 times that of an outside natural radiation level.02:15 The car slowly enters the town of Tomioka.02:20 This is the shopping street in front of the train station.02:25 (Ladies) “It was really scary around here, wasn’t it.”

Don’t you wear any protective gear ?I’ve never worn one – not even once.Aren’t you afraid of the radiation ?Not at all.

02:32 A year has passed since the disaster hit, and yet, the area remains the same as that day.You can still see the wound it left behind.02:37 And this is the Tomioka train station.02:41 (Ladies) “Oh my ….”02:49 Perhaps this car was washed up by the Tsunami. It still sits here.02:54 However, as the residents went to the next section …

02:55 (Ladies) “Oh, wow !!”03:01 This is Yonomori Park of Tomioka Town, located approximately 7 km from the NuclearPlant. There, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, just like it does every year.03:13 (Ladies) “There’s no one here.” “Cherry blossoms just bloom as if nothing happened.”03:20 The first cherry tree was planted during the Meiji Era and 112 years have passed.Now, it has grown into an area of 2.5 meters with a tunnel of cherry blossoms.Every year, approximately 15,000 people came to visit to view the blossoms herebut now was embraced in silence.03:42 It is as if time had just stopped here – a town with not one person.03:48 What appeared in front of the residents returning temporarily were the herd of roamingcattle.03:52 (Ladies) “1, 2, 3, 4 … there’s 10 of them.”

04:00 This is the temporary housing in Iwaki City, housing the evacuated residents of Tomioka.Here lives a livestock farmer, Sato-san, of Tomioka Town.04:07 (Sato-san) “I had 3 adult cows and 2 calves – a total of 5 cows.”“For economic purpose, we would sell one calf after a year. Otherwise, farmers wouldnot be able to survive. But then of course, if we can sell one, we would be happy about it.”04:25 A livestock farmer would rear each cow and sell them. That’s how they made their living.However, after the nuclear accident, this no longer was possible.So, what do they do with their cows in that situation ? After the accident, Sato-sandecided to unleash the cows and released them from the barn.04:41 (Sato-san) “I can’t sell the cows, but it would be too cruel to destroy (euthanize) them.”04:53 It was a difficult decision. But Sato-san is not the only farmer who had to make suchdecisions. So – what happened to the cattle after that ?

05:05 This is the Inspection Point on the border of the exclusion zone.Here, a Tomioka town resident appeared.05:19 “Hello”This is Naoto Matsumura-san, age 52, who is a farmer in Tomioka Town.Matsumura-san has a special permit from the Town Office to enter the zone freely.05:34 (Reporter) Why were you able to get such a permit ?(M)To take care of the livestockWhy is Matsumura-san who is not even a livestock farmer taking care of the livestock ?As starters, why was he able to get such a special permit ?05:49 (Reporter )“Don’t you wear any protective gear ?”(Matsumura) “I’ve never worn one – not even once.”(Reporter)“Aren’t you afraid of the radiation ? “(M)“Not at all.”

05:58 The radiation level inside the exclusion zone is still high, but Matsumura-san does notseem to show any concern about it.06:13 After that, along with some members of an animal rescue group, he entered the zonefrom the inspection point.06:25 The video that the animal rescue group filmed for recordkeeping showed a very harshreality of inside the exclusion zone.06:29 The roads leading to Tomioka Town was partially still in damaged state, just left like that,with no repairs made. From the car window, you can see the piles of rubbles just leftlike that.06:49 As you enter Tomioka Town, a dog appeared. If you look closely, you can tell that he hasa collar.06:55 (M) “Come here.”As Matsumura-san called out, the dog comes running over.It appears that he went into the mountains looking for food and got his leg caught in atrap meant for wild boars and lost his leg.07:13 And, next, what Matsumura-san ran into was …07:18 (Hoso-san) “Let’s put a blue tarp over him.”(Woman) “I’m sorry – it’s all human’s fault.”07:19 (Hoso-san) “It’s deep in mud – the poor thing.”

07:22 Further, inside the barn…As you set one foot into the barn, this is what you see ….What’s more, it seems that there were over 100 of them.At such a horrific scene, Matsumura-san said07:35 (M) “Starvation. They all died suffering at the end.”07:39 (M) “Show this to the Government. They haven’t even cleaned this up and yet they’retalking about re-operating the nuclear plant. It’s just human ego.”

07:49 According to the Town of Tomioka, there were approximately 500 heads of livestock,out of which 150 or so either died of starvation or illness; about 90 of them wereeuthanized with the owner’s approval; and about 260 that are either roaming aroundthe town of Tomioka or still kept inside a barn.

08:16 Matsumura-san feeds the cattle every time he sees one.In order to feed these animals, Matsumura-san enters the zone every day.The feed are all donated by animal rescue groups and his supporters.08:35 Each cow has an ear tag which identifies his owner, but this calf does not have one.He was probably born after the disaster.08:44 (M) “See you.”

08:49 When he finishes his rounds of feeding, he goes by his own house which is located12km from the Nuclear Plant.Welcoming him home is his pet dog Aki. (Caption – Aki (female, 2 years old)08:59 (M) “She has a cute face, doesn’t she ?”

09:04 He had 3 houses inside his property, and one was totally destroyed by the earthquake.Fortunately, Matsumura-san and his family were not in this house at the time of theearthquake and therefore was safe.09:13 (M) “We heard a big noise and saw smoke flare up. My dad was in the field in the backand he thought that there was fire.”09:20 (M) “The house is all flat now.”09:22 In the backyard are ostriches. They were from a ranch in Ohkuma-Town next to Tomioka,but they were found wandering around Tomioka so Matsumura-san brought them overto his house.09:35 (M) “I held down their neck and wrapped a T-Shirt over their head. Then I stuffed themonto my truck and brought them here.”09:46 And in Matsumura-san’s hot house was a calf. However, he seemed extremely weak.When he was feeding the cattle, he saw that a mother cow was trying to give birth.09:59 (M) “The mother was skin and bone, and had a very difficult labor. First, I thought thatthe calf was already dead. I stuck my hands in and used a roap to pull out the legs.”10:12 He wanted somehow to get the calf to see a Vet, but taking a livestock out of theexclusion zone was prohibited.

10:20 The town where the entire population was instructed to evacuate from this area….but Matsumura-san would not comply and remained on -- continuing to take carethe cattle and other animals. Eventually, the Town Office gave him permission toenter the zone.10:39 Now, he lives in a temporary housing in Miharu Town, located about 50km fromthe Nuclear Power Plant and commutes from here.

10:46 (Reporter) “Is your body OK (from entering the zone everyday) ?”(M) “Nothing wrong. I’ve always been healthy.”

10:58 Even livestock farmers, no matter how worried they may be about their cattle,would not enter the exclusion zone so many times. But then why has this mancontinued to care for the cattle for over a year now ?11:06 (M) “Every living soul is the same. Humans, animals, anything. Of course, if you saythat cattle are economic animals, that’s true, but they haven’t done anything wrong.”

11:19 It’s only normal to consider that the cattle left inside the exclusion zone no longerhave any economic value. Yet, Matsumura-san protests and says that cattle shouldnot be destroyed by euthanasia.11:32 (M) “To me, the town that I live in is the best town ever. It’s the town where I was borngrew up in, and I’m going to die in Tomioka.”“Nobody has the right to stop me from feeding the cattle.”11:48 To keep the cattle alive in Tomioka Town … what does that mean to Matsumura-san ?

11:56 This day, Matsumura-san was in Koriyama, where the temporary town office for Tomiokawas set-up.

12:07 They came to plead with the Mayor to stop the euthanize of the cattle left in Tomioka.The mayor listened to them and said12:12 (Mayor Endo) “(Euthanizing is) It’s all really disappointing; It’s sad, I’m mortified.”“I value Matsumura-san’s actions highly as one human being to an another.”

12:30 The activities of Matsumura-san continuing to feed and care for the cattle which no longerhave any economic value may be regarded as a very small action when compared to thetotal picture of trying to rebuild the land.And yet …

12:41 (Reporter) “How is the living at the temporary housing ? Is it rough ?”(Hangai-san) “Not easy. I’d rather be living at home.”

12:55 This is Shinichi Hangai-san who was a livestock farmer in Tomioka Town. He is 78 yearsold.(Reporter) “How many cattle did you own ?”(Hangai-san) “I had 18.” “Up to now, my life had been supported by these cows.”(Reporter) “I’m told that these cows have been showered with radiation and thatyou can no longer breed them.”(Hangai-san) “But that’s not a reason to have to kill them.” “I can’t do somethingcruel like that.”

13:25 Hangai-san is one of the cattle owners who has asked Matsumura-san to take care ofhis cattle.13:31 (Hangai-san) “I’m so grateful that there’s such a person like Matsumura-san.”

13:37 (Reporter) “Good morning.”13:41 On this day too, Matsumura-san started his day as soon as the sun started to rise.13:46 (Reporter) “Do you get worried if you don’t feed and see their faces everyday ?”(M) “Of course, I get worried.”13:53 (M) “You don’t need to kill something that’s alive. They survived so much hardshipand are still living. When you think of it that way, how can you even consider killingthem ?”

14:10 Matsuoka-san headed for Hangai-san’s cattle barn located in Tomioka.He and the volunteers feed the cattle here.14:17 (Hoso-san) “Here, little one, eat, eat.”14:23 The area that Matsumura-san covers is very widely spread and cannot visit hereevery single day. Many of the cattle have grown thin and bones were seenprotruding out.

14:37 When Matsumura-san went by his home, that weakly calf was already dead.It was just the third day since his birth.

14:50 (Volunteer) “Come back again from an another womb.”

14:58 This is the harsh and cruel reality brought on by the nuclear accident.

15:09 What Matsumura-san is currently planning is to build a large fence in the middle

of thetown to bring all of the feral cows here to care for. What keeps him going is a verystrong belief that he save the town of Tomioka -- until the day that all the residents beable to return home to this town.

15:22 (M) “By keeping the cattle alive, I can’t really say for what purpose yet, but I thinkwe can at least show people some hope, -- “Animals are still alive here, so it’s OK forus to return home too.”(Reporter) “You don’t know when everyone will ever be able to go back home …”(M) “I still have my belief. A belief that everything will be fine one day.”


ASAFAF need donations !! 拡散!勇気のある人がいれば…支援お願いします!

Many cattle in Tomioka need feed !! Please send donation to ASAFAF. ASAFAF has now almost run out of feed.

If you know some farm who may be able to send a large amount of cow feed, please contact ASAFAF.

If you live in Japan, please also considering about doing some volunteer works for them.

Thank you.

★Cow feed…Rice bran, wheat bran, pasture grass, corns, apples, formula feed, powdered milk.

★Contact adress;
Fukushima Hisai Kachikuwo Mamoru Kai (Association for saving affected farm animals of Fukushima)
Zenkouji Temple, Saikiyama 183, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, 964-0063 Japan
TEL/FAX 0243-24-3270


Twitter: FuksimaKatikSOS

Bank Accounts:
① Nihonmatsu Shinyou Kinko
Honten Eigyoubu, Futsu (saving account) 1215453
Volunteer Dantai Shukyo Houjin Fukushima Hisai Kachikuwo Mamoru Kai
② Fukushima Bank
Nihonmatsu Branch, Futsu (saving account) 1064505
Volunteer Dantai Shuukyo Houjin Fukushima Hisai Kachikuwo Mamoru Kai Daihyou Yamamoto Ryu

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Cows penned up in Okuma all killed 大熊町の柵の牛は全て殺処分

Follow up story from Kachiku Otasuke Tai about cows that have been penned up in Okuma.

(※If you do not know, please read my previous article)

These cows have all been killed on April 26th.




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News for you 明日スーパーJチャンネルに細さんと松村さんが!!

This is from Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima's Animals


News for you

#137 News for You - April 26, 2012

By Tokiboo, Mr. Matsumura's friend - Translation by YK

Today, I’d like to talk about the day we helped Matsumura with the feeding of the animals. Since he normally does it all alone, he seemed very happy to be able to hang out with lots of people.

(Photo: A scene of us loading the truck with food.)

Our first stop was to the pen that was being managed by the phony water company and where the skinny cows were being kept. Following that, we went to Hantani-san’s stable where we wererequested to watch over, and our last stop was to lure the roaming cattle with food.

(Photo: Look at these skinny cows. Can you tell how horrible they look? I always find myself getting upset when I see their condition.)

We went to feed the cows along with Matsumura, but they know that we brought food so they would approach us. Matsumura said that there is an another expectant Mother inside this pen and she may go into labor in about 10 days, so I am a bit worried again.

If you recall the Yokosuka Ladies I wrote about on my blog before, one of them told me that she ordered some milk and milk bottles for cows and that she would bring them to me when she receives them. Thank you so much, OO-chan. She made me swear that I would not reveal her name or face on my blog.

(Photo: Endo-san of “Guts-Fukushima” named the calf Ishimatsu.)

(Photo: Matsumura feeding hay and rice bran, and cows enjoying the apples)

These apple were regarded as unsellable to the public, so the farmers gave them to us for free. Much appreciation to the apple farmers.

On this day, I was able to feed the rice bran I received from a friend in Ohkuma-Town to the cows. M-chan, thank you very much. I’d like to pick-up some “miso” (soy bean paste) from you next time! It should be ideal because cows need salt and the ingredient being beans.

(Photo: A cow kneeling down to eat. Maybe he’s demanding more?)

I think it’s faster to show you the photos rather than me writing about it. We brought a bundle of hay that weighed more than 100kg, but I was so caught up with the feeding that I forgot to take photos of it – sorry.

It was extremely heavy. It took the 3 of us to carry it into the pen, but, Priest Yamamoto carried it all by himself, so he really is a monster (LOL)

(Photo: Cows inside the barn. The calves live outside of the barn. The calf eating the bran was so cute.)

What worries me the most right now is the mother-to-be inside the pen, and another cow from Hantani-san’s stable ready to give birth soon. There are also some pregnant cows in the herd ofthe roaming cattle too.

Therefore, the number of cattle will definitely be increasing. Also, the calves that were born last year could have babies starting around 10 months of age. Matsumura said that such situations must be avoided as a heifer with a small pelvis may die from it.

I really would like to round up every one of them and care for them safely inside a pen. We will try our best too so please kindly continue to root for us.

I do have one big news for everybody! Tomorrow at 5:30 PM on Channel 5’s news program“Super J Channel” Hoso-san of UKC Japan and Naoto Matsumura will be featured, so pleasewatch! It appears to be a documentary of about 20 minutes.

For Matsumura, it would be his first Japanese TV feature, and although he was hesitant at first, Hoso-san (from UKC Japan) convinced him to make his appearance. There will be no broadcast in Okinawa and Fukushima, but I would like as many people as possible to watch.

Thank you for your kind contribution to the animals left behind.

Toho Bank, Azumi BranchYu-cho Postal Account

Account# 644994 Account Name: Ganbaru FukushimaSymbol 10270, Number 10419771 Acct Name: Ganbaru Fukushima



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About the cows penned up in Okuma 大熊町の囲み柵

This is from JAVA blog.

They called Fukushima Prefectural Gov to confirm about the cows that are being penned up in Okuma.

About this matter, please read the previous article.


Fukushima officials answered....

*Those cows' owners have agreed to euthanize.

*We can not move the dead body without using heavy machine.

*Vets examine the cows.

*We take off the ropes as possible as we can.

We requested them to improve the situation, with more workers.

We also called Okuma local gov as well. What they answered....

*We know that the condition inside the fences is bad.

*We were not planning to let this much cows in penns. A herd of them went in.

*We think we have to improve the condition.

*We are considering about releasing them.

*We would like to move the dead body.

*We have been cutting the ropes.

*Hard to find vets to examine because of the radiation level.

We requested them to ask central and Fukushima Gov to send vets.


















Nana Papa san's feeding activity 無事に給餌活動して来ました

Nana Papa san went into delibarete evacuation area of Fukushima with other volunteers to feed cats and dogs from April 21 to 23.

You can watch a slide show of the activity on his blog. (Part 1)

Thank you all for your hard work !!




Video of the symposium 牛の活用の道を探るシンポジウム動画

Now you can watch a video of the symposium which was held on April 22nd.

(About the symposium

Please go Farm of Hope site.




林 良博(東京農業大学教授・東京大学名誉教授)
山根 義久(日本獣医師会会長)

[第一部] 警戒区域内に取り残された牛の実態
講演1:大熊町の状況・・・・・池田 光秀・美喜子(農家)
講演2:富岡町の状況・・・・・坂本 勝利(農家)
講演3:浪江町の状況・・・・・吉沢 正巳・山本 幸男(農家)

[第二部] 警戒区域内に取り残された牛をどう活用するか
講演4:行政の意向・・・・・桜井 勝延(南相馬市長)
講演5:農地保全に牛を役立てよう・・・・・落合 一彦(草地畜産種子協会放牧アドバイザー)
講演6:牛の被ばく状況と除染・展示研究への利用・・・・・佐藤 衆介(東北大学教授)


撮影・配信 希望の牧場・ふくしま
製作・著作 希望の牧場・ふくしま

Condition inside the fence 大熊町の柵で亡くなる牛、たてごが食い込む牛

This is from Kachiku Otasuke Tai.


These are the scenes of the cows that have been penned up in Okuma (for euthanasia). Fences which Okuma local government built are packed with about 30 cows.

Cows can not rest because it's very muddy.

Faces of 3 cows are being tied up so tight with rope. Their faces have been tied with this rope since they were calves. Now they have grown up so this is too tight.

This will hurt their skins and bones, then finally let them die.

Another one had a small hall on its' stomach, bleeding. We can even see its' organ.

Stuff them in small fences, give a small amount of food. They can even not rest in excreta and mud.

We found a dead body of a calf. Died with a starvation ?

Some feral pigs were chasing after cows. Measure has to be taken in order to keep clear of the pigs.

The dead calf still opens its' eyes. Looking at something.

We want to save these cows. We want to give them tons of food and water, and let them alive. But we can do nothing...

We need your donations, manpower, information and ideas. Thank you.

You can watch a video.


You can see photos below. (Shocking images included)

★Kachiku Otasuke Tai FB

★Contact form of Kachiku Otasuke Tai

(From the top, your name, Email address, title, message)


★    ☆    ★    ☆


Plan to establish a farm 人類初かも・・・官民プロジェクトの可能性

This is from ASAFAF.


Members of the work on Apr.22 and the association's new plan

We will build Kizuna Farm (Kizuna means bonds) in order to protect cows in Tomioka town.
The document of the plan will be completed till Apr.30, and then we will visit Tomioka municipal government and discuss about our plan as soon as the document is ready.

We have already informed our rough plan to the livestock section of Tomioka town. They have agreed with it.

We will also report you the plan as soon as possible when it is completed.

On Apr. 22
Some people who want to protect cows met each other in Tomioka.

The members in the picture are: Matsumura-san and Tokiboo-san from 'Gambaru Fukushima', UKC Japan, Guts Fukushima, a supporter who came from UK and Shiryuu Yamamoto from the Association for saving affected farm animals of Fukushima.

We fed corns as well as hay and rice bran we received from you as support goods.

The cows were happily eating them.

I can forget about hard works when I see them happy with our feed.

We stepped into the fence and spread the feed equally within the area.

Guts Fukushima transports at least 1t of water every time.
The cows were happily drinking the water, too.

These our activities are totally dependent on you, thank you very much for your supports.
Please keep giving us your kindness.

Thank you.

Shiryuu Yamamoto


Many cattle in Tomioka need feed !! Please send donation to ASAFAF. ASAFAF has now almost run out of feed.

If you know some farm who may be able to send a large amount of cow feed, please contact ASAFAF.

Japan import tons of pasture grass from the U.S.

Thank you.

★Cow feed…Rice bran, wheat bran, pasture grass, corns, apples, formula feed, powdered milk.

★Contact adress;
Fukushima Hisai Kachikuwo Mamoru Kai (Association for saving affected farm animals of Fukushima)
Zenkouji Temple, Saikiyama 183, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, 964-0063 Japan
TEL/FAX 0243-24-3270


Twitter: FuksimaKatikSOS

Bank Accounts:
① Nihonmatsu Shinyou Kinko
Honten Eigyoubu, Futsu (saving account) 1215453
Volunteer Dantai Shukyo Houjin Fukushima Hisai Kachikuwo Mamoru Kai
② Fukushima Bank
Nihonmatsu Branch, Futsu (saving account) 1064505
Volunteer Dantai Shuukyo Houjin Fukushima Hisai Kachikuwo Mamoru Kai Daihyou Yamamoto Ryu

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Yatte Yaruさんからです。










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