Report of the rescue operation (犬・猫保護活動の報告)

The chief of Organization of Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters in Fukushima, Kaname Tajima reported the rescue operation of cats and dogs in No-go-zone.

(His web site )

They started a specific rescue operation on July 4. Then on 16 and 17, they rescued intensively with help from many vets and volunteers. They have continued to rescue, now about 460 cats and dogs have been rescued (including that were rescued when residents temporary returned home).

Animals that were rescued are in the shelter and animal hospitals in Fukushima.

The 2nd shelter of Fukushima Prefecture will be open in this August.

So they are considering the next operation.

They have not an accurate grasp of the number of the cats and dogs left in No-go-zone, but they think that still around 1,000 of them may be left.

And many of them have turned to be wild, and giving birth.

Animals left in the zone are fed regularly but it is difficult to give an enough support. They are also considering about it too.








Related Links&Petitions (関連リンクと署名)

Here are related links and petitions. Please have a look !


★Diet member (Democratic Party), Tsutomu Takamura's Blog

Working hard to establish "Farm Sanctuary".


★A veterinarian, doctor Shigeki Imamoto's Blog

Working hard to save animals.


★Fukushima Prefecture animal aid office (Fukushima animal control centre)

Working so hard to rescue and take care of animals. Need help the most.


★Vets Rescue Animals From Evacuation Zone ASAP!(VAFFA)

Rescue(in No-go-zone), treat, looking for the owners and foster family for the animals.


★VAFFA (facebook)


★Animal information blog for Japanese disaster


★Uchi no Toramaru -My Tora and Maru

Rescue animals in affected area and taking many photographs. A photobook is now on sale.

 (「うちのとらまる」。原発区域の動物を保護し、またたくさんの写真を撮り続けています。写真集 が発売されています)

★The Hachiko Coalition (English)

Created during Hurricane Katrina and regrouped. Working to draw attention to the plight of Fukushima animals.


★TNR Japan Animal Welfare Hospital's Blog (English)

Rescue and looking for the owners and foster family for the animals.


★Tell the Japanese government that the cruel act of starving animals must finally be made illegal (Petition)


★Help the starving animals of Fukushima (Petition)


★Establish Sanctuary Farms for Fukushima animals (Petition)


★SAVE! Animals dying in Fukushima (Petition)


★Save all animals in No-go-zone ASAP! (Petition)


Adopt and foster suffered animals! (里親・一時預かりを!)

Many animals have been rescued from disaster stricken area (especially evacuation area in Fukushima) and shelters are filled to capacity everywhere !にゃーわんわんネコしっぽフリフリ


It is hard to earn government's support. Nearly 500 million yen of donation has been collected for animals. But it takes long to apply and examine.


Rescue groups and volunteers are short handed and short of funds. So they cannot care for animals properlyあせるあせる


Please help them by adopting animals, or fostering animals until they reunite with their owners. And volunteers like feeding, cleaning, and playing with animals, and donations are also welcome !


These sites have information (sorry, all in Japanese). Check your local rescue groups !


★Tohoku earthquake cats and dogs (東北地震犬猫レスキュー.com)

★Foster volunteer BBS (被災した動物の一時預かり情報掲示板)


★Contact addresses of rescue groups (ペットレスキュー団体連絡先一覧)

What You Can Do (あなたにできること)

1.Know what is happening(何が起きているか知ってください)

◆One of the victims, Mieko Yoshida’s message.(English)


◆Animals in the 20km radius

◆Cattle starving to death.

◆Farmer Yoshizawa refuses to kill his cows.

2. Tell your families, friends, and colleagues about this

3. Petition the Japanese government(日本政府に嘆願してください)
Office of the Prime Minister
Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries (About Farm Animals)
◆It would be great to write to your country’s government and embassy to ask if they could encourage the Japanese government.

4. Donate(寄付をお願いします)
福島県動物救護本部 (“Fukushima Prefecture Animal Aid Office”)

東邦銀行 県庁支店 普通預金 (店番号103) 口座番号:1418368
(Toho Bank, Kencho Branch, Ordinary Account, (Branch code 103), Account No.1418368, "Fukushimaken Doubutsu Kyugo Honbu")

They rescue animals, and take care of them every day. They work the most, need the most. They are also looking for the foster family for the pets.

◆アニマルフォレスト (“Animal Forest”)

ゆうちょ銀行 普通預金 店名828 口座番号3362362 加入者名:アニマルフォレスト
(Japan Post Bank, Ordinary Account, Branch Code 828, Account No.3362362)
Annual membership fee…●Regular member:¥1,000 ●Support member:¥500 ●Corporate member:¥5,000  ●Donation…From ¥1,000
(年会費…●正会員¥1,000 ●サポート会員¥500 ●法人会員¥5,000 ●寄付…一口¥1,000)

※An application form is on their web site.

They rescue, foster animals and looking for the foster family.
Also research the influence of radioactive contamination.

Please Save Fukushima Animals!! 福島の動物たちを助けて!!

After the earthquake and nuclear plant accident that occurred on March 2011, animals were left behind inside No-go-zone in Fukushima, Japan. Among them are many dogs kept on their leash, many farm animals in the barns died from starvation. Cats that are stuck inside the house are so starved they even eat each other. These scenes are literally hell on earth. There are thousands of dead bodies, parts of the bodies, and bones here and there. This nightmare still continues even over two years after the disaster. Still, many animals are forced to live in an extreme condition on top of the bitterly cold winter there.

Hundreds of thousands of them had already died because of starvation, illness or euthanasia. There were an estimated 490,000 animals (pets and livestock) in the area before the disaster. However, statistically the actual number of pets was considered to be two or three times of that number.

The government announced that they would euthanize all of the livestock inside the zone after getting the owners’ agreements. Now there are only some hundreds cows remain. We cannot imagine how many precious lives have actually been taken.

Except from allowing the officials some rescue works, the Japanese Government has almost no plan for saving animals, and has been ignoring countless numbers of mails, petitions and signatures demanding the rescue sent both from in and out of the country.

16 rescue groups finally got permissions to enter the area and worked on December 2011. Although the restriction by the government was quite severe, the rescuers saved 34 dogs and 298 cats, according to the Ministry of Environment. By looking at this number, we can say that the works of private organizations are pretty remarkable. Now as the permission to enter the area has expired, the groups were forced to stop their rescue work. The government says they will consider what to do after checking the number of animals still left in the area. To save the rest of the pets in the area, the rescuers have to be allowed to go back to work.

Most of the groups have been running short of money and hands. The shelters are already operating over capacity. Therefore the groups especially need adopting/fostering volunteers for the pets. Donation (both money and goods) is also essential.

We can rarely see the tragic situation of those animals on Japanese media. Also, the groups that worked with permissions on last December, had to sign many written documents prepared by the central and Fukushima prefectural government. It includes “To refrain from taking pictures/movies and make them public, except of the pets which are rescued and looking for their owners”. Many people are feeling as if the information has been controlled by the government. Only very few people in Japan know what is happening to the animals, therefore it is hard for the rescuers to get support. Sadly, we have to ask for help from people, media and governments overseas. We have to hope that our own country will be criticized so they will actually do something.

We need a big international help. Please spread the word about this story and raise your voice. Please encourage the Japanese government to do the right thing.

Thank you.

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*






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